Signal Plus

Signal Plus Building Supplies Limited was established in 2000 and is today one of the most famous interior building materials solution companies in Hong Kong and Macau.


As an experienced floor covering & seating specialist, we have been credited an extensive know-how in the market, and a large number of successful installations in hospital buildings, universities and public utilities among the territory.


The company’s motivation and technology continue to offer groundbreaking products in terms of ergonomics, safety and quality materials, in compliance with international regulations. Signal Plus is aware of the need to systematically adopt a strategy that respects the earth by minimising environmental impact and safeguarding the health of all building occupants with ‘Good Indoor Air Quality’.


Throughout the past 16 years, we work in close collaboration with architects and users to develop the most appropriate product for each project. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help you specify and develop your unique project.







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133 Wai Yip Street,, Kwun Tong,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

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