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Looking for rubber flooring products in Hong Kong? We offer you superb quality flooring, which manufacture in Europe.
Our ‘Stud’ and ‘Multi-coloured Hammered’ rubber floor are the most popular and best selling models for extremely heavy traffic areas such as public buildings, with 3D carving structure and patterns. Also, you can find large variety of colours and designs for you to choose from. It can use in aged care and transport facilities.

As one of the popular Hong Kong building materials, Signal Plus rubber flooring has a large variety of colour, manufacture in Europe. We guarantee you can have a good quality of rubber flooring by choosing our products. Rubber flooring of Signal Plus in Hong Kong are suitable for heavy traffic locations, scratch resistant, non-slipping. It can be use in homes with elderly, health care centers and other places. So the elderly do not have to worry about the safety problem of the floor. They will not slip down by the floor easily.
Signal Plus search good quality floor around the world and provide our customers a good quality and varies pattern of flooring materials. All our products are popular especially Europe products. They are our customer’s favorite product. Since the rubber flooring in Hong Kong Signal Plus is produce from Europe. It has a well-recognized quality, different from the products from other places. It ensures the elderly at home, patients and elderly in health care center have a very safe environment. Signal Plus offers you good floor and tiles with a wide range and large variety of colour choices. It can be use for different occasions and decorations. It can be used in heavy traffic locations such as airports, railway stations etc. It can add different colour to your home, city and the places that your grandparents always been to. If you wish your rubber flooring in Hong Kong at home have a better quality, you can choose our products. You can also visit our website or make a call to us for more details.
If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us at 2803-5600 for a personal sales consultant.  We will be delighted to help you!