Ascender Seating

Specialists in bespoke seating and innovative chairs for multi purpose halls. All Ascender products are 100% manufactured in Spain using materials sourced from the European Union. 

Ascender seating is installed across the globe in theatres, cinemas, houses of parliament, lecture halls and stadiums. With no two projects alike, Ascender guarantees the highest level of customization to ensure unique seating for your venue.

Ascender seating has been installed in Hong Kong and Macau at Universities, Schools, Government Buildings and Public Facilities. 

Take a closer look at our completed projects below.

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Secondary School - Hong Kong

Seat Model: Ascender JAVIER

Number of seats: 96

Kerry Logistics Centre

Seat Model: Ascender Daphne PMA

Number of seats: 124

Stair nosing: NAKA Hi-Step LUNA - LED illuminated

University Lecture Hall - Hong Kong

Seat Model: Ascender CLUB PA

Number of seats: 216