Telescopic Seating  Systems

Safe and reliable retractable seats and bleachers. Space-saving and versatile. Create seating arrangements for spectators during events or performances while having full access to the entire floor during  other days.  

 Wall mounted. Free-standing. Movable. Manual or fully automatic operated.

Retractable & Telescopic Seating Systems

Avant Sports Seating, designs, develops and produces sports seating systems since 1994. Project references include seats in stadiums built for the Olympic Games in 2008 and 2016. Avant seats were installed during Formula 1 Championships in Korea and Singapore an are installed in major sports venues in Asia and the United States. At Signal Plus, we have a broad experience in installing retractable seating at large an smaller sports venues. Take a closer look at our installations in Hong Kong and Macau! 

15,000 seats installed in Hong Kong and Macau, explore our project references!