PVC/ALU/LED - Stair nosing​

Slip Resistant . Improved Safety. Durable.


acess3 stair nosing profiles provide increased safety for indoor staircases and they are an essential part of the staircase management in public buildings. 

While protecting the step edge and the floor covering against wear and tear caused by intensive use, the visual contrast highlights the edge of the step.

Allowing the elderly and the visually impaired a safe use of the stairs when ascending or descending the stairs.


  • Aluminium or PVC profiles
  • Coloured inserts for the visually impaired
  • Installation on top of carpet and resilient flooring
  • Ergonomic design



Naka is a leading accessories manufacturer in Japan which focuses on high-end quality products such as Stair Nosing and Wall Safety Protection Systems

Hi-Step LUNA is a stair nosing system with built-in LEDs which provides a safe navigation when walking up and down stairways in a dark environment. Hi-Step LUNA provides safety and comfort for lecture theatres, auditoriums and cinemas.

Hi-Step Slim CK is a new developed soft resin with luminescent materials added to provide long lasting luminescence.  The system significantly increases visibility in the dark and provides improved safety for staircases by allowing a safe escape route in case of emergencies.  It is an ideal system for staircases in elderly homes, schools and kindergartens.